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April 27th, 2013, Dallas, Texas
"Self", an exploration of Jung's concept of the Self along with Fordham's idea of a primal Self that deintegrates from birth and promotes ego development.  Images from sandplay were used as examples of manifestations of this central archetype in Jung's psychology. Our speaker for the workshop on April 27th was Lauren Cunningham.  She is a LCSW, Analyst Member of the Jung institute of San Francisco, and a founding member of the Sandplay therapists of America (STA).  Her analytic practice with children and adults is in San Francisco.

Laura Cunningham, Associate Professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies teaches Sandplay nationally and internationally

Silent Auction
The miniature collection of former member, Cynthia Burnside was bequeathed to the Texas Sandplay Society when she died in July.  TSS was honored to receive such a gift.  Some of her collection was in the silent auction, and the proceeds will go towards furthering Sandplay here in Texas.

The Transcendent Function

According to Jung the transcendent function
mediates between warring opposites (such as
instinct and spirit, love and fear, dependence and independence) and unites them with a reconciling symbol. Jung felt the function facilitated the
transition from one attitude to another.
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