Past Activities
November 7, 2015, Dallas, Texas
"Sandplayful: Sandplay and Play Therapy, BFF" The Story of Andie and Crew, presented by Ellen Saul, MS, LP, ISST, CST-T. Please click here to download complete flyer.

October 4, 2014, Dallas, Texas
"Enchanting Stories: The use of Fairy Tales to Enrich Our Work in Sandplay and Play Therapy", presented by Rosalind Heiko, PH.D., ISST, CST-T. Please click here to download complete flyer.

October 12, 2013, Dallas, Texas
"Sandplay® with Adults"  Presented by Dr. Brandon Harding, MD, ISST
Several adult cases will be presented including “The Hunter.” This case presents a brief relationship between a surgeon and a patient who has spent his life as a professional hunter. The patient is dying, and his acceptance of his death, and even more his life, lead the surgeon to question his ideas about his own life. Another case is with a suicidal 50-year-old woman suffering from depression. It shows that a woman may be in the grip of her mother’s animus but it is possible to escape it. Dr. Harding is a practicing general surgeon in Ireland, a founding member of the Canadian Association for Sandplay® Therapy, and a teaching member of The British and Irish Sandplay® Society and International Society for Sandplay® Therapy. He is an adjunct Senior Clinical Lecturer in Surgery at the University of Limerick.  He is also an accredited Myers Briggs facilitator. He has presented internationally and has published in the Journal of Sandplay®Therapy.

April 27, 2013 12, 2013, Dallas, Texas
"Self", an exploration of Jung's concept of the Self along with Fordham's idea of a primal Self that deintegrates from birth and promotes ego development.  Images from sandplay were used as examples of manifestations of this central archetype in Jung's psychology. Presented by Lauren Cunningham, MSW, LCSW, J.A., Analyst Member of the Jung Institute of San Francisco, and a founding member of Sandplay Therapists of America (STA).   

September 29th, 2012, Austin, Texas
"Here Be Dragons, an introduction to understanding different approaches to mappy the Sandplay journey" and "The Burning Bowl: Using Fire Directly and Symbolically in Play Therapy and Sandplay".  Both sessions presented by Dr. Rosalind Heiko, PhD, ISST, CST-T, NCSP. 

June 9th, 2012, Austin, Texas

"Connecting Play Therapy, Sandplay Therapy and Art Therapy", Business Meeting and Summer Workshop led by Melissa Dilworth, LPC-AT/S, Board Certified Registered Art Therapist and Registered Play Therapist Supervisor

February 18th, 2012  Dallas, Texas
"The Transcendent Function: An Exercise in Play Therapy to Resolve Psychological Dilemmas & Bring About Change", Barbara Weller, MSW, LICSW, ISST, STA – Certified Clinical and Teaching Member. 

October 8th, 2011, San Antonio, Texas
The Wisdom of Oz:  Archetypal Imagery in Sandplay and Play Therapy" Dr. Gita Morena, PhD

June 17th, 2011, Austin, TX
“Play Therapy Using Two Different Modalities” Jane Lang, LPC-S and Sandplay Practioner, STA, showed and discussed the video "Sandplay with Dora Kalff".  Jackie Kelley, LCSW, CST-T, led an experience with floor games using miniatures.

March 5th, 2011,  Austin, Texas
"Methods, Including Play Therapy, of Reaching Persons Affected by Loss, Grief, and Attachment Disorders", was presented by Jacquelyn Kelley, LCSW, ISST, STA-Teaching Member.  The morning session addressed Attachment Theory and Transition Objects, and the afternoon session treated Blocked and Flawed Attachment/Flow Charts.    

November 13th, 2010 (Austin)
The TSS Fall Workshop featured Regina Driscoll, PhD, President of the Sandplay Therapists of America who practices in Minnesota.  She gave two presentations, Practical Neuroscience for the Therapist and Effective Use of Sandplay in Play Therapy. 

June 18, 2010 (Austin)
Bringing art therapy into play therapy practice!  Melissa Dilworth provided a review on mandalas, circular drawings that have been utilized in many ancient cultures ranging from ancient Egypt to Native Americans.  Tibetan mandalas are used for meditation while European countries created circular labyrinths on floors in cathedrals and landscapes to aid in reaching desirable, meditative states.

June 3-6, 2010 (Boulder)
Biannual meeting of the Sandplay Therapists of America.  One of our TSS members, Jackie Kelley spoke at this National Symposium

February 20th, 2010 (Austin)
A morning workshop on Ethics in Sandplay Therapy-- A Form of Play Therapy, was presented by Jackie Kelley'.  Afternoon workshops ran simultaneously and included:  Introduction to Sandplay Therapy, presented byJackie Kelley and  Advanced Sandplay Workshop -- Transformation in Play Therapy by the Sandplay Process,  presented by Jane Lang   

November 15th, 2009 (Austin) 
TSS members gathered at Jane Lang's office.  Participants were encouraged to bring a case to discuss or a picture/slide of a sand tray they would like to share with the group. 

September 12th 2009  (Austin)
Annual Membership Meeting  and workshop "Rite of Passage into Womanhood -- Sandplay: A Play Therapy that Works with Teens", presented by Jane Lang (1.5 CEUs)

March 27th, 2009 (Austin) Workshop: 
"Ethics, the Creative Process, and Play Therapy", presented by Seja Rachael and Diana Garza-Louis, (3 CEUs)

November 7-8, 2008 (Austin) Workshop: 
"Beyond the Co-Transference -- Developing the Capacity for Deep Soul Work in Sandplay Therapy and Play Therapy", presented by Joseph Meyer (9 CEUs)

June 27th, 2008 (Austin)
Annual Membership Meeting and workshop "Sandplay with Dr. Kasper Kiepenheuer, M.D., ISST", presented by Jacqueline Kelley (1.5 CEUs)

March 29th, 2008 (Dallas) Workshop
"Bridges and the Transcendent Function in Sandplay", presented by Joseph Meyer, (3 CEUs)

March 28th, 2008 (Dallas) Workshop

"Sand and Psyche", presented by Joseph Meyer and Jacqueline Kelley (6 CEUs)   Rosalind Heiko, PH.D., ISST, CST-T 
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