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The Texas Sandplay Society welcomes new members interested in
Sandplay and its applications in Play Therapy.  

Texas Sandplay Society Membership Application

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Please indicate if you do NOT want any of the above information published on our website.  We normally will not publish fax numbers or license numbers.

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What would you like to see the Texas Sandplay Society do in future years?


What would you like to do as a member of the Texas Sandplay Society?

_________  Serve as officer


_________  Chair a Meeting


_________  Host a Meeting


_________  Serve on a Planning Committee for future workshops/meetings


Membership Dues Included:  $_________  (we do not accept credit cards)


Note:  Annual Membership is $50  (September 1st through  August 31st)

If you would like to join, please contact us and/or
print this complete form and send it with your remittance to:

Texas Sandplay Society
4727 Irish Oak
San Antonio, Texas 78247

Need More Information?

Contact us via e-mail at

Texas Sandplay Society
4727 Irish Oak

San Antonio, Texas 78247

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